As a community, our goal is to push our businesses to the next level. Our membership consists of experienced, successful female professionals who span across many industries, experiences, and decades.


we are a collective
of ambitious, thoughtful, tuned in entrepreneurs, aiming to accelerate the growth of our businesses

About us

BrainTrust is not a networking group. Rather, we are a collective of women entrepreneurs intent on growing our businesses to broaden the impact on our families, communities, and the world. We use our “braintrust” – our aggregated experience, expertise, access to networks, markets, and capital – to help one another drive revenue growth. With a dedicated monthly meeting platform, members learn to quickly process issues and opportunities, identify blind spots and pitfalls, develop strategy, and celebrate our successes.

Believing that experience is the best teacher, we dramatically shorten the learning cycle by leveraging the life experiences – successes and failures – of one another.

Members are placed in thoughtfully assembled groups of smart, talented, women business owners. Your group, known as a Vault, consists of a maximum of seven members, each of whom commits to three hours monthly to meet in a business setting where confidentiality is guaranteed.


Members are not to give advice, but instead, through experience-sharing, see how peer-to-peer learning enables you to recognize and overcome business hurdles more readily. Your Vault will be made up of entrepreneurs whose businesses do not compete with yours, and your Vault will quickly become your lifeline – and your fellow members will become your most trusted supporters and advocates.

To ensure that every member receives a maximum return on her investment of time and membership fees:

The Ground Rules

You must not miss meetings. This requirement is not burdensome because you will work within your small group to find a time and date that works well for all. You will mark your calendar months in advance so nothing takes precedence over this investment in yourself and your business.

Everything that is discussed in your Vault must be held in the strictest of confidence. You may not share what you heard with anyone, not even your spouse. Your Vault must be a safe place to share your personal and professional challenges.

You must be on time. You’ve agreed to the time and date so plan your day accordingly, anticipating traffic, weather, etc. so you are ALWAYS on time. Likewise, you must be prepared to listen fully and share fully.

The greatest value you will receive from your Vault is the diversity of experiences of the other members. Treat one another with respect, listening and learning from others.


Consider these facts:

Women in the US are starting over 1100 businesses a day at the rate of over 47 per hour!


That’s more than double the national average for men.

Only 1.7% of women-owned ventures have annual revenues of $1 Million or more.


Though women are starting more businesses, only 1.7% of women-owned ventures have annual revenues of $1 million or more.

The majority of women-owned businesses are not employer organizations


The vast majority, 89.5%, of women-owned businesses are not employer organizations - they have no employees other than the owner herself.


When your business nears that $1 million mark, it is more likely that you are:


Paying yourself a good salary


Have 5-10 employees who are working IN the business so you can work ON the business


Creating a sustainable business that can help you achieve your long-term financial goals and financial freedom


Enhancing your credit-worthiness so industrial lenders are more likely to give you that Line of Credit you need for growth capital


Attract investors so you can scale


Take on that big customer who will take you to the next level

BrainTrust helps women grow their businesses faster and smarter: So you can get to that pivotal $1 million mark and beyond, as quickly as possible.