Unlocking growth opportunities

for women-owned businesses.

BrainTrust is a membership organization for women business owners dedicated to ensuring they have an equal opportunity to build financial independence, wealth, and influence.

A Powerful Community.

BrainTrust is a community of women business owners who gather monthly in small groups known as Vaults™. Within the safe confines of their Vaults, women champion and challenge each other to grow their companies to their fullest potential. BrainTrust embraces the diversity of our members, staff, and partners and share our lived experiences in a respectful and confidential environment.

BrainTrust is not a networking group, coaching group, or social club. We show up to grow our businesses so they become catalysts for building financial independence, wealth and influence.

Powered by women, for women.

BrainTrust works because it was created by women for women. We’ve built, scaled, and sold businesses and know the struggles and triumphs of business ownership. So we bring in the expertise, tools and resources we wish we’d had to fast-track your growth.

Accelerate Growth

BrainTrust helps women accelerate the growth of their business revenues to $1 million and beyond, a critical milestone reached by less than 2% of women business owners.

Diverse & Inclusive

Our members represent diverse demographic and socioeconomic backgrounds, industries, and ideologies. We believe in cultivating a culture of belonging in which everyone feels seen and heard, regardless of their stage in business or zip code.

curious how to join?

How to Become a BrainTrust Member

What is a Vault?™

Members are placed in small groups of up to seven (7) women from non-competing industries called Vaults™. We call the groups “Vaults™” because they are secure spaces that hold items of significant value.

Within the confidential, judgment-free confines of your assigned Vault™, your collective brain trust – the lived experiences, knowledge, and industry expertise you each bring to the table – becomes the precious assets you share with one another. Combining knowledge, skillsets and accountability from your band of peers, you are able to unlock new opportunities to grow your business, and your Vault™ quickly becomes invaluable to you.


Ready to Find Your Vault?

BrainTrust is expanding, but we’re doing so carefully. It’s not about headcount, it’s about impact. If you’re ready to show up for yourself and others and seriously work on the growth of your business, we invite you to learn more about our community.