BrainTrust Live

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BrainTrust Live: Sept 14, 2023

Why you can’t miss BrainTrustLIVE

The stories we frequently hear are the “hero stories”. People often skip straight to the good part. But, that is boring and uninspiring! We want the real dirt – the stuff that went wrong, the flaws, the imperfect, and the stumbles. The best part? We can learn from those who paved the road before us.

We’re bringing together women business owners – and those who champion them – together for a half day to learn from those who survived to tell the tale. Our conference is open to anyone to attend, not just women business owners.

BrainTrustLIVE speakers are nationally recognized entrepreneurs who’ve built extraordinary companies. They share their own struggles, disappointments, mistakes – the things that aren’t often published. Their stories inform and inspire!

They will share The Untold Stories.