2022 small business and entrepreneurial trends

2022 Small Business and Entrepreneurial Trends

As a new year starts, business owners start cleaning out our work “closets” to prepare for change and business growth strategy. If you’re like me, you got a head start by working over the holidays. It’s a great time to get prepared for dealing with developing business trends!

Virtual Work

One trend that is already happening and will only continue into 2022 is the increase of virtual work. This can be done in a few ways – through working remotely, outsourcing to workers in other countries, or using platforms like UpWork to find contractors. Advances in technology are making it easier than ever to stay connected no matter where we are and many businesses are now considering ways to make virtual work a permanent solution.

One way entrepreneurs and business owners can get a grip on virtual work is by creating systems that allow them to share the work without increasing the volume of one-on-one meetings. Virtual work comes with technology that can make you more efficient – check out Asana, Hootsuite, Clockify, and Loom, to name a few.

Messaging and Communication

With everyone going virtual, the messaging and communication tools we use are more important than ever. In business, clear, concise communication is key to success. That’s why so many businesses are taking this time to refresh their brand, hone in on their target audience, and distill their messaging to attract the right clients and customers.

With so much noise in our lives, both in-person and online, only the most interesting and engaging stories stand out. Messaging that is clear, consistent, and on-brand can help you cut through the clutter and grow your business. Now is the time to take an objective look at YOUR messaging, to make sure yours is the best it can be.

Hiring and Company Culture

The hiring process is evolving too. No longer do businesses rely solely on resumes and interviews to decide who to hire. Now, we have better insight into the prospective new hire by tapping into the information available online. BUT, this means that prospective employees can also get a clearer picture of what you are like as a leader…and how the company really functions. This is where your company culture comes in.

You have a company culture, whether you are intentionally crafting it or not. A recent study by Glassdoor showed that nearly half (49%) of candidates would not take a job if the company had a bad reputation. To improve their culture…and their reputation, businesses must be thoughtful and intentional in creating a work/life experience that shows honor and respect to the employees – treating them as a whole person, not just a worker.
Business trends are constantly evolving, and business owners have to be on their toes to keep up or to turn the table and BECOME the trendsetters. Clearly defining your goals and carefully crafting the strategy to reach them will be critical to your success in 2022.

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