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Where are the Blindspots in Your Business?

Remember when you were first learning to drive a car and the instructor taught you to be aware of blindspots? The thing about blindspots is that they’re so subtle and SO CLOSE to you that your reaction time is limited – leaving you exposed to real danger. Those blind spots are the source of such risks that the automotive industry has spent BILLION$ on technology to mitigate their danger. The newest cars brake automatically when needed. They alert you when you’re out of your lane unless you’ve signaled that move. They’re equipped with cameras to expose blind spots.   

What are Examples of Blindspots in Your Business?

This is fantastic for you when you’re driving a vehicle, but what about the blindspots you experience as the CEO when you’re driving your business? The thing about blindspots in business is that they’re often in places where you “don’t know what you don’t know” – so you don’t even know the danger exists until it’s too late. Stuff like:

*Lack of self-awareness. You perceive your leadership to be one thing … but your employees see someone else.  

*You spend a lot of time putting out fires … instead of finding out what’s starting the fire.

*You avoid difficult conversations, causing you to keep poor performers on your team, or to keep non-profitable customers.

*You don’t know your numbers. What numbers? That’s the thing … what are you measuring and is that really helping you achieve your goals?

*You have multiple sources of revenue but you spend your time and energy on the sexiest one instead of the ones that will generate solid profits. 

How Can You Plan Ahead as a Business Owner?

Did any of those strike a nerve with you? This list could go on and on, like a never ending game of whack-a-mole  because the unique lived experiences that led us to become business owners are so varied, so fraught with blindspots. So, what can you do about it?  What measure can you put in place to create more awareness?

Peers. Other business owners who are on the same road … either just ahead of you or just behind you … or even in the lane next to you.  From their vantage point, they can see dangers and opportunities that you just can’t see. And from where you sit, it’s easier for you to see what’s just around the bend for them. But when you travel together, you’re able to avoid the potholes, the ditches, the icy patches. And if you end up in a ditch, they’ll pull over and pull you out.  

BrainTrust is a peer-to-peer member organization dedicated to seeing women business owners achieve financial independence, wealth and influence. The primary way we accomplish this is through small groups we call Vaults.  Each Vault of 7-8 women business owners meets monthly to help each other vet opportunities, overcome obstacles and hold one another accountable. When you are facing a new challenge or situation, you share the details with your Vault.  The other members will quietly listen to you, ask questions to make sure they know all the facts, then share their own experiences in similar situations. Through this process, you quickly identify your own blindspots and find multiple strategies to navigate them successfully.  

The result? BrainTrust members are growing their businesses at 5X the rate of non-members! Yes, peer-learning is helping them identify their blindspots, make corrective actions and focus on the road ahead. Together, they are going faster and further than they could ever do alone.

You aren’t alone. Learn more about BrainTrust and see if it’s the right fit for you, at our next Lowdown.

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