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What is a Vault™ and Why Must I Have One?

BrainTrust is a peer membership organization for women business owners to help them achieve financial independence, wealth and influence. At the core of BrainTrust is what we call a Vault™.

What is a Vault™?

Vaults™ are carefully curated groups of 5-7 women business owners who will help you navigate the ups and downs of building a scalable, sustainable business. Quickly, they become “your people.” Every time you face a challenge or opportunity in your business, the first place you’ll turn is to your Vault™.

Have you ever made a significant mistake in building your company, only to realize that it was because you didn’t know what you didn’t know? Or have you ever encountered an opportunity that seemed too good to be true, but found out too late that your initial instincts were right? Or have you ever felt alone on your journey; that your family and friends simply don’t understand what you’re going through? Well, if you had a Vault™, you’d never have those feelings again. Because FINALLY, here is a group of people who get you … because they’re traveling the same road. They’re on it with you. That’s why you need a Vault™.

How do Vaults™ Work?

We call it a Vault™ because it’s a safe place that holds great value. But it’s not a bunch of know-it-alls telling you what you should do. Instead, in total confidentiality, the women in your Vault™ quietly listen as you describe your challenge, and then ask questions to make sure they get the big picture. Next, instead of giving advice, they will share their own experiences in similar situations – some with good outcomes and some with bad, but all with incredible value as you make your decision.

Your Vault™ will meet once a month for four hours at a time at a place chosen by you and the other members of your group. No matter how busy your life is and how much you have on your plate, your investment of time will pay off and you will leave every Vault™ meeting knowing it was time well-spent. We guarantee it.

How do you get your own Vault™?

Well, first you’ll attend a “Lowdown” where you’ll hear all the details and nuances of what it means to be in a BrainTrust Vault™. You’ll likely have lots of questions and you’ll have those answered by the BrainTrust team and members who will tell it like it is. Psst … It’s a bonus that the Lowdowns are also a great place to meet fellow business owners who want to know you.

After you attend a Lowdown, you will be invited to apply for membership, which is followed by a virtual interview. If you are accepted, we begin to curate the Vaults™ – choosing the one that’s right for YOU.

How are Vault™ Members Chosen?

Your Vault™ is chosen for you based on your differences, not similarities. You see, the greater the diversity of industry, ethnicity, education, age of business … the richer the experiences that will be brought to you. Which means dramatically shortening the learning curve so you can leap over obstacles and reach your goals sooner.

Do Vaults™ Really Work?

You decide. Here are the facts:

-Our members’ businesses are growing at 5X the rate of their peers.

-The average annual revenue of BrainTrust members is $520K.

-In the next 24 months, 25% of BrainTrust members will exceed $1M in annual revenue.

-More than 15% of BrainTrust members have exceeded $1M in annual revenue. And we’re just getting started!

If you are interested in learning more about BrainTrust, then come on over to our next Lowdown and check us out.

Are you interested in learning more about BrainTrust?

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