Leading With Heart VS Logic

I’m learning that there are two perspectives from which we can make decisions, aside from the ones we make on autopilot. Logic-minded decisions seem to have dominated most of my life. But increasingly, I’m seeing the power of tapping more into my heart for decision-making.

How many times have you interviewed someone with a great resume, and on paper, they are exactly what you are looking for? In the interview, they say exactly what you want to hear. In fact, someone else interviewed them first and gave them a green light. But there is something that is just… off. Logically, they are a perfect fit. But you have a feeling that this person’s energy isn’t right. So what do you do? If you are making a logic-minded decision, you hire them.

Sometimes, it’s days or just hours on the job when your “perfect” new hire shows you the real version of themselves. Then, you reflect and go, “I knew this was a bad idea. Why can’t I listen to my intuition? My heart knew, and I didn’t listen.”

Unfortunately, this has happened to me more than I’d like to admit.

Here are a few steps I’ve taken to make more heart-based decisions in both my life and business:

Do a daily love practice

Think of a memory where you have felt love or joy. My memory is of my two boys playing in our pool in Costa Rica when they were 8 and 5 years old. I think of all the details and re-experience it. When I do this, I fill my heart with this memory of love and joy. When you do this every day, you will add more details to your memory, so much so it becomes real. Over time, you will see a powerful energy begin to emerge. This is the energy of love and it’s more powerful than your cup of coffee.

    As you cultivate this daily practice of revisiting cherished moments, the energy of love becomes a guiding force in your life. It shapes the way you view situations, influencing you to make decisions from a place of compassion and understanding rather than from stress or impulsivity. This shift towards heart-based decision-making can lead to more harmonious relationships, reduced anxiety, and a deeper sense of fulfillment. 

    Before important meetings, take time to breathe

    If you can do 5 minutes, great. If you just have 10 seconds to close your eyes and bring that memory into your heart to fill it with love, do it. Create a space so you can sense your heart and bring it with you into your conversation. Sometimes when I sense tension with leadership groups, I get them to breathe together before the meeting begins. You will be amazed by how much better your meetings can be when you all breathe together for 5 minutes.

      Taking this time to breathe before a meeting helps ground your emotions and center your thoughts. This simple act enables you to approach discussions with a clearer, more open perspective. Integrating this practice into your routine encourages you and your team to make decisions that are not only logical but considerate and empathetic. When your heart is engaged, your ability to listen improves, fostering a more collaborative and inclusive environment. 

      Be totally present with people during conversations

      Listen with awareness and remove all distractions while you connect. Focus on them. This means setting aside your own thoughts and judgments to truly hear the other person. Maintain eye contact and reflect back to them what you hear to confirm your understanding and show that you are actively listening. Avoid interrupting, and give them the space to express themselves fully. By doing so, you will make them feel valued and heard and you will gain a clearer, deeper understanding of their perspective. This mindful engagement allows you to make more informed, compassionate decisions that consider the well-being of everyone involved.

      Bring in someone else

      If you’re unsure about your intuition, it might be helpful to seek guidance from someone you trust who has strong intuitive skills. My wife is a great example of this. Whenever I’ve overlooked her instincts about someone’s vibes, I’ve regretted it.

        A trusted individual’s perspective can offer insights that you might overlook on your own, providing a broader emotional and intuitive landscape to consider. This collaborative approach helps validate your feelings and strengthen your decision-making, ensuring it is balanced and thoughtful.

        Train your intuition

        The next time you experience an intuitive thought or feeling, take action on it. The more frequently you act on these instincts, the more you signal to your brain and body that you trust them. This reinforcement helps increase the frequency of intuitive messages you receive, as your brain learns to recognize and prioritize these cues based on your response.

        Keep up the good vibes

        Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and limiting exposure to news and social media can boost your overall energy and mood. This approach enhances your ability to attract positive relationships and improves your capacity to tune into your heart’s guidance. By fostering a clearer, more focused state of mind, you’re better equipped to make decisions that are aligned with your core values and emotions, leading to more heart-based choices in your personal and professional life.

        Logic has its place and will always influence your decisions, but leaning into heart-based decisions has the power to save you time and reduce anxiety. And if you have a decision that doesn’t go your way, don’t label it as bad, as there are no bad decisions, just lessons for next time.

        Feel free to use our 8 Decisions YouTube channel’s video, designed to train both body and mind in harnessing the emotions of love and joy to set intentions or make decisions. Before engaging with the video, reflect on a significant decision you face and envision the desired outcome. Craft a positive statement outlining your intended result, such as: “I eagerly anticipate collaborating with my new business partner, confident in my decision.” This statement will serve as your mantra during the practice. Embrace the exercise and share your experiences with us; we eagerly await your feedback!

        Thank you to our valued Champion, Robert Hartline, for his contribution to this blog.

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